Ontario politician shocks her constituents by getting face tattoo



In regards to the public's outrage to her tattoo, Ms. Monroe said, "To quote Rob Ford, 'it's really no one's business what I do in my personal life." (Nick Fabin/iStockPhoto)

Long-time Ajax, Ontario City Councilor Janet Monroe turned more than a few heads this week with her unusual decision to get Niagara Falls tattooed on her face.

When asked about her motivations, the 64-year-old Monroe responded by saying: "I have always wanted a tattoo and what's the point of getting one if no one can see it?"

She went on to defend her decision saying it would in no way affect her ability to do her job, adding "if people don't like it, don't look at me!"

Pat Kelly spoke with Janet Monroe to learn more about the design, and her intentions.

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